39th Annual Conference - Virtual Format

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Wednesday, September 15th
9:00am-12:00pm MDT
Thursday, September 16th
9:00am-12:00pm MDT

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Wednesday, September 15th

9:00am - 10:00am MST

Opening Keynote: 
Dr. Stevie Dawn "Emotional Resilience and Success"

We all must deal with negative emotions at work sometimes and learning how to cope with these feelings is now more important than ever. After all, negative emotions can spread, and no one wants to be around a person who adds negativity to a group. Learning to be resilient after a negative experience can change the game. At the workplace, many of us are bringing in emotions from home, which makes it harder for our colleagues and supervisors to understand how to support us. Therefore it is imperative to create a strong set of coping skills and emotional resilience. Understanding how to identify and process your emotions as well as how to speak about emotions with others can change the “vibe” at the office.

About Dr. Stevie Dawn:
As a professional speaker and coach, Dr. Stevie Dawn is focused on helping people to unleash unstoppable success in their lives both personally and 
professionally. Her experience as a 4-time business owner, along with her work in the private and public sector, allows her to enhance her presentations with real life stories and examples that are applicable to every audience. Her educational background includes a master’s degree in sociology from Wichita State University and a doctorate in leadership from Colorado State University. With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Dr. Stevie Dawn approaches every engagement with humor, inspiration, and energy to get people moving towards their best lives.

10:15am - 11:00am
Two Concurrent Sessions to Choose From

Communications Compass - Your Tool to More Effective Communication
Instructor: Dr. Stevie Dawn

People remain the No. 1 resource in every organization. Keeping misunderstandings to a minimum creates a more positive workplace environment. It is not just about what you say but also how you say it. Communicating effectively is key to creating a positive workplace culture and keeping conflict at a minimum. At this session, participants will utilize the "Communication Compass" tool to explore communication styles and investigate new ways of communicating. You'll walk away from this session prepared to:

--Quickly identify personal communication styles
--Explore and understand all four styles and discuss the impact these have on our daily conversations
--Learn to adapt to others for best results

File set-up and Self-Auditing for Multiple Funding Properties
Instructor: Heather Staggs

In this session we will cover best practices and file organization and file maintenance options when you have multiple program requirements. We will also provide tips to make certain that you have a great management review experience. We will then move on to how-to self-audit for mistakes or miscalculations.

Heather Wezensky:
Heather Wezensky is the Senior Vice President of Compliance for Seldin Company and STAR Compliance Consulting, A Division of Seldin Company, which is based on Omaha, Nebraska. Heather is an expert in Fair Housing practices and affordable housing program compliance rules and regulations and holds various affordable designations and credentials such as the CPO™, FHC™, SHCM™ and AHM. She has first-hand insight into the latest affordable housing compliance trends all due to her years of on-site consulting work with multiple affordable housing programs, in addition to Heather and her team reviewing hundreds of resident files on a monthly basis.

Her ability to quickly comprehend the complex rules and regulations of the affordable housing industry, allows her to assist her clients across the country to stay compliant with not only state and federal governmental agency requirements, but also with national and local Fair Housing laws. Heather is a member of the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) and the past Chair of their Fair Housing Committee and is the current Chair of their Education and Training Committee, she also sits on the SHCM™ Special Advisory & Technical Committee. Heather was given the distinct honor of NAHMA’s Industry Achievement Award in 2019 and is a current NAHMA approved CPO™, BCD™ and FHC™ Instructor.

11:05am - 12:00pm
Two Concurrent Sessions to Choose From


NAHMA Update
Instructor: Kris Cook

NAHMA updates us on the key changes in regulations, legislation affecting affordable housing and any relevant late breaking news.  

Kris Cook: 
Kris joined NAHMA in November 2002. Kris has 30 years’ experience in nonprofit and trade association management. Prior to joining NAHMA, she held a dual role as executive director of the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM), an affiliate of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and senior vice president of CAI.

LIHTC - Staying in Compliance and Avoiding Credit Loss and Recapture
Instructor: Heather Wezensky

Join us to discuss the difference between LIHTC credit loss and recapture and how to avoid both. We will review typical resident file errors and offer tips and recommendations on how to correct non-compliance if it is discovered during your self-audit.

Thursday, September 16th

9:00am - 10:00am
Two Concurrent Sessions to Choose From

Common Pitfalls of Fair Housing Compliance
Instructor: Heather Wezensky

Few things can be as time consuming, exasperating, and as expensive as defending a Fair Housing complaint. You will gain an understanding of how to avoid Fair Housing inconsistencies and pitfalls that are often unintentionally included in advertising, as well as the connection between the Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA) and fair housing. Learn about the most common complaints and how an “innocent comment” can turn into a discrimination complaint. We will also discuss how to be “reasonable” with reasonable accommodation requests for parking spaces and assistance animals and the importance of following your company policies and procedures to maintain consistency. 

HUD’s Guidance on Criminal Activity and Housing
Instructor: Anita Moseman
On June 23, 2021, HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge issued a letter to affordable housing providers that established the Biden Administration’s stand on second changes for formerly incarcerated persons and the importance of stable housing in their re-entry into our communities. “No person should exit a prison or jail only to wind up on the streets.” This new guidance will be explored from many different viewpoints.
In this session we will talk about:
·        The American Rescue Plan
·        Using an arrest record in housing screenings
·        One Strike Policy
·        Disparate Impact 

About Anita Moseman: 
Anita Moseman has been in property management for over 37 years, and is currently Vice President of Property Management for Monfric Realty, Inc.  She is a partner in Housing Credit Productions, and has extensive knowledge in the HUD and Housing Credit programs and provides consulting services for both. She is a national trainer who combines her years of hands-on experience and knowledge to relate to those attending her classes. She is a certified trainer for NAHMA and has developed and trained many courses for various AHMAs and management companies as well as other trade organizations. 

10:15am - 11:25am 
Two Concurrent Sessions to Choose From


LIHTC Acquisition Rehab Safe Harbor Tracking and Resident Qualification Process
Instructor: Heather Wezensky

In this session, we will discuss the 120-day resident safe harbor qualification period for properties that are going through acquisition and rehab. We will provide ideas and tools to track the process and ensure that you are able to stay organized and meet even the strictest of deadlines.

HUD Update 

HUD staff will give an update on recent issues and updates. At the end of the session HUD staff will also answer your questions related to managing during these challenging times. Please submit your questions in writing prior to the webinar, send to Melanie at [email protected].

11:30am - 12:00pm

Awards and Closing Session

Join us in our closing session to celebrate the tremendous work each of you do on a daily basis. We will acknowledge the award winners and close with games and prizes. Attendees must be online to win.