Fair Housing for Front Line Staff
Thursday, September 15th
Time: 3:45pm - 5:00pm
Location: Mt. Evans 

Fair housing training is required for all housing personnel but is particularly important for front line staff as they often have the most contact with residents.

This session will provide an overview of fair housing laws and all protected classes and will also focus on specific examples of what to do in common situations that are outside of your regular job duties. For example:

  • How to respond to resident requests for assistance; e.g. carrying groceries, trash removal, etc.
  • Small talk with residents:  what topics are off limits?
  • Responding to work orders and requests for companion/service animals.
  • Dealing with persons who speak languages other than English.

Instructor: Anita Moseman

Anita has been in property management for over 37 years, and is currently President of Property Management for Monfric Group, Inc.  She is a partner in Housing Credit Productions, and has extensive knowledge in the HUD and Housing Credit programs and provides consulting services for both. She is a national trainer who combines her years of hands-on experience and knowledge to relate to those attending her classes. She is a certified trainer for NAHMA and has developed and trained many courses for various AHMAs and management companies as well as other trade organizations.