Opening Keynote – Jeff Peden “The Power of Relationships”
Date: Wednesday, September 14th
Time: 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Mt. Evans Room (2nd floor of Atrium Tower)

The Power of Relationships explores how our personal relationships impact our success, and provides specific actions we can take to strengthen relationships with those around us.  The degree of our future success is based on the words and actions we use with others today.

For over three decades, International Speaker and Author Jeff Peden has inspired thousands of people with great ideas on leadership, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement and customer delight.
Jeff holds graduate degrees in Occupational Training and Development and in Counseling, and has served as President of the Kentuckiana Chapter of the Association for Talent Development and Chair of the University of Louisville Libraries Associates. He has owned his own business and held a position as a professor in post-secondary education. He also hosted the Moment of Success radio talk show on WKJK 1080, in Louisville, for over five years and wrote two books on business leadership — Take It To The MAX: The Ultimate Strategy for Maximizing Profits and Growth; and How To Grow Your Business Without Spending Money.