Wednesday, September 13th

9:00am - 10:00am
Location: Summit Ballroom AB

Stuart Ellis Myers a.k.a. Twitchy has uncontrollably twitched 30 million times to become the WORLD’S ONLY inspirational keynote speaker living with anxiety, depression, bipolar and Tourettes. Stuart has overcome countless UNSTOPPABLE challenges to become a hilarious content-rich, ‘Robin Williams Living with a Twitch.’ GET READY to take a deep dive into the hidden world of UNSTOPPABLE—ability to resurface refreshed, refueled, and refocused! Every laugh while you learn keynote is jam-packed with mind-blowing mental health, mental wealth insights. Stuart’s life purpose shares surprisingly simple Unstoppable insights to boost mental health into mental wealth. Stuart’s life purpose shares surprisingly simple Unstoppable insights to boost mental health into mental wealth.


• Embrace Emotional Resilience

• Deny distractions

• Mood mastery made easy

• Unravel Unstoppable Superpowers

Speaker: Stuart Ellis-Myers

Stuart Myers is the world’s only funny, inspirational, motivational keynote speaker who loves to ‘positively traumatize™’ audiences. On 863+ conference stages located across North America, Australia and Europe, delegates enjoy fits of laughter while learning how to become Unstoppable and turn mental health into mental wealth. 

Stuart has over 50 years of lived experience with anxiety, depression and OCD-driven Bipolar panic attacks. Stuart is living proof that anyone who overcomes overwhelming circumstance tend to develop extraordinary approaches to everyday challenges, often achieving extraordinary results.

Stuart loves to breakthrough mental health stigma to reveal immediately usable, professional and personal life saving lessons—offering real, usable insights to overcome the many challenges of today’s globally-hectic world. So get ready to take a deep dive into the life of a man held captive, but not broken by his mental health condition, who found the strength and determination to break free by performing his life-saving Unstoppable message to live your best life.

Stuart knows all too well the hardships of personal health challenges that altered the course of his life at an early age. By eight years old, Stuart began to develop one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders of our time—Tourette Syndrome.   

Living with Tourettes is a daily challenge of anxiousness, depression, and uncontrollable twitching. Faced with a lifetime of disability, Stuart made a powerful choice to direct his life toward a joyful and Unstoppable life—dedicating his life’s purpose to helping countless others overcome their own challenges and fears.